Testimonials list

[vc_row as_padding_top=”theme-padding-top-5″][vc_column as_margin_bottom=”theme-margin-bottom-5″][vc_autospa_theme_header_subheader header_importance=”4″ align=”alignleft” header=”Example 1″][vc_autospa_theme_testimonial_list][vc_autospa_theme_testimonial_list_item testimonial=”I just got a deluxe wash package and interior shampoo and was blown away by the quality and detail of the service. I couldn’t be happier and have recommend friends and family members to stop by for the best hand car wash in Portland.” author=”Dotti Newman” car_name=”Audi Q5″][vc_autospa_theme_testimonial_list_item testimonial=”I think Auto Spa is the best car washers ever. Love the price, convenience and customer service. When I have time and want to vacuum myself, it is easy and cheap. They provide towels and spray to wash the windows and I wash my dash. Thanks so much.” author=”David Magnus” car_name=”Nissan Titan X5″][vc_autospa_theme_testimonial_list_item testimonial=”Finally a car wash that does pay attention to the detail. I have a little extra time and money and I let them do the full detail and it always has turned out great. I use them all the time and now with pollen season upon us, they will be seeing my car even more often.” author=”Josh Williams” car_name=”Toyota Avensis”][/vc_autospa_theme_testimonial_list][/vc_column][/vc_row]