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Save time and money

We are dedicated to providing quality service, customer satisfaction at a great value in multiple locations offering convenient hours.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible.

Exterior Hand Wash

Car is washed all over this includes the wheels removing flyers and bird droppings, then using our on-board water we power wash the Car. Using a clean leather to dry.

Interior Detailing

Standard interior detailing involves many more types of materials and more complicated areas than standard exterior detailing (aside from major paint correction, of course). It’s just more complicated.

Preparation For Sale

Thinking of selling your car then why not treat it to a full valet which covers both the inside and outside which could increase the resell value, see article from the Mirror

Why Choose Us

A great value services

An experienced professional providing a quality service since 1979, fully insured, reliable. We can offer a tailored service to meet your needs and pride ourselves on building good customer rations often over many years.

Experienced Team

We can deliver the best result

From humble beginnings Keith noticed a gap in the market (1979) and so became the Valeting service, Keith soon began obtaining contacts from local dealerships such as British Leyland  Rovers and Minis.

So almost forty years Keith the professionalism shown during that time has meant keeping a loyal customer base.

Service Type Packages

We offer multiple services

Exterior Hand Wash, Towel Hand Dry

From £7


Basic wash leather, Vacuum inside of Car

Clean windows inside and out, Wipe over  and dust dash, Tyre Dress

From £15


Exterior Hand Wash, Towel Hand Dry, Wheel Shine, Tire Dressing, Windows  Outside, Sealer Hand Wax, Wash  door shuts and dry, Vacuum interior, Shampoo seats door trims and carpet  (Includes Boot), Dress Interior Trim as needed, Clean Inside Glass

From £65


Exterior Hand Wash, Towel Hand Dry, Wheel Shine, Tire Dressing, Windows In & Out, Interior Vacuum, Shampoo  Seats and Carpets, Door Shuts & Plastics, Dashboard Clean, Air Freshener, Sealer Hand Wax, Exterior Vinyl Protectant, Rain Guard,

From £75

Easy To Reach
  • We are very open and easy to reach
  • Via telephone, email or Social media
Best Results

By using Kieth professional service Valeting service your vehicles finish can be monitored on a regular basis.

Time saving

At a location and time convenient to you saving your valuable time.

And yet more

Saving money long term using only quality materials ensuing no damage is done to the paintwork.